High 10 List Of Pests That Affect Houseplants

Or sprout any grain—cat grass from a pet shop, wheat grass, and many others.—in a pie plate filled with soil close to your plants. I don’t overwater my vegetation so I do not know the place they’re coming from. These are very tiny, the size of spider mites but more oblong, they usually don’t have any wings. How can I get rid of gnats on my houseplants and prevent them from coming again?

I’ve tried sticky traps, crimson pepper, water that cigarettes had soaked in (which I heard about on a TV present), insecticidal cleaning soap, and Raid Home and Garden spray. Or use one of many fungus gnat particular BTI merchandise that are EPA approved for Fence Post Covers use as soil drenches for controlling the pests. For now I’ve just sprayed all the things with safers soap and sprayed it on the soil, checked quickly this morning and there have been no signs of the little bugs, hopefully they’re gone.

However you point out that they first got here from a potted plant, and that makes me think you are actually a member of our fungus gnat trio—particularly when you’ve got different plants in the house that the gnats may have migrated over to. As our good pal Invoice Quarles, director of the Bio-Integral Useful resource Bar Size Pool Table For Sale Middle ( ) in Berkeley, California notes in a characteristic article within the newest issues of the BIRC’s high quality journal, Widespread Sense Pest Control, “fungus gnat” is an all-inclusive title for a huge number of similar-wanting small flying creatures that breed in houseplant soil.

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