How Higher Should A Painting Be Hung More than A Sofa?

Art more than a sofa or bed must span roughly two-thirds the width of the furnishings piece. If your furniture is against the wall, you have two alternatives: Pick a rug size that will permit your sofa and armchairs to rest half on the rug and half off of it or opt for a smaller size so no seating rests on it at all. In addition to ‘ The Bad/Generic Sofa ‘ and ‘ The Also-Compact Rug ‘, I regularly notice art hung all incorrect – largely also higher and also smaller.

There are two approaches to make sure you will step onto a warm rug when you wake up. Position a big rug (eight by 10 feet for a queen bed, 9 by 12 feet for a king) under the bed so that it peeks out two to three feet on either side and at the foot the rug really should begin a couple of feet from the major (nightstands needn’t rest on it). For art that is taller than 120 inches, neglect the midpoint rule just make sure the bottom edge is about a foot from the floor.

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