How To Choose An Accent Wall Color
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How To Choose An Accent Wall Color

How To Choose An Accent Wall Color

How to Choose an Accent Wall and Color in a Bedroom. Warm Color Theory. Warm colors—orange, yellow, and red—tend to pull the wall towards the eye, which makes a space appear smaller. Cool Color Theory. Cool colors—green, blue, and purple—tend to pull the wall away from the eye, which makes a small bedroom appear larger.
You don't have to be an interior designer or decorator to choose a color and paint an accent wall in your home. We'll simply teach you how to apply the same .
If you're afraid of using too much dramatic color in a room, you can play it safe — and still make a bold statement — by painting just one wall with a splash of .
Tips for painting accent walls: learn how to choose the right wall to feature, and what color to paint your focal wall to create harmony in the room.
The color experts at share 15 designer tricks for choosing the perfect color palette for every room in your home.
Take your home's color scheme from drab to fab with paint color help from a color. See how a color palette combining a rich navy blue with pure white accents .

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