How To Get Shiny Acrylic Nails At Residence

Get rid of any old nail polish absolutely, and gently push back the cuticles with an orange stick. Nail art brush such as the Nailschic is one particular of the easiest way to decorate nails. Right after the base polish is dry, use the brush tip and pen tips to create cool styles on the nails. The simplest way to decorate nails is to use easier styles very first: flowers, spirals, lady bugs, stripes, watermelon seeds, flag of USA, paw prints etc are the coolest and simplest tips to decorate the nails.

If you are the kinds who like to decorate nails every now and then, you should grow your nail polish collection by keeping a variety of opaque and hugely pigmented polishes. Stay clear of a messy perform-surface as that could lead to messy nails or even mess on the hands. Once the clear or colored base coat has dried, you are ready to getting decorating your nails.

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