Refinish Formica

Refinish Formica

Refinish Formica

Follow these guidelines: Clean the countertop with soap and water to remove dirt and smudges. Follow with a wipe of denatured alcohol. Got a curious kid or a cat that sheds? Remove old caulk from seams around sinks and faucets. Repair chips and large cracks (more than 1/8-inch wide) with a two-part epoxy putty.
If refinishing Formica cabinets, you will need to remove the doors, saving all hardware in a plastic bag so you can find it easily later. Place the doors on a stable work surface. Arrange drop cloths under your work area. Wash the Formica surfaces thoroughly with detergent and water, then dry with towels.
Formica Countertops Refinishing. Formica® is the leading manufacturer of laminate countertop material. It is used most often on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Formica® countertops make great work surfaces because they are non-porous and easy to clean.
This unique cabinet paint is Self-Priming over most surfaces including Melamine Laminate such as Formica® brand laminate, and the hard, chip. Formica .
I was going to rip out this ugly formica cabinet at my parents' house. But decided I' d first see what it would look like if I refinished it. I'm glad I held bac…
Painting your Formica cabinets is a cheap way to give a room a whole new look. But be warned, it's tricky to paint over Formica. Formica has such a slippery .

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