Sectional Sofa Dimensions
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Sectional Sofa Dimensions

Sectional Sofa Dimensions

Measure Your Space. Sectionals are great for maximizing couch space, but can be difficult to place in a room. Get tips on measuring your space properly and dealing with delivery and moving below. When measuring your space, first record the length, width, and height of the room where the sectional sofa will sit.
[The 5 seat sectional shown on the left measures 83" x 83" with a total depth of 32". This is possibly the smallest 5 seat sectional currently available.] Typically most 5 seat sectional configurations with equal sides are 95" x 95" or 98" x 98" with depths of 36" – 40".
Typically the most common sizes for a 5 seat sectional configuration with equal sides is 95" x 95" or 98" x 98" with depths of 37" – 40". Of course there are many other possible configurations and sizes. For example: The Simplicity Sofas sectional shown above consists of 7 individual seat units plus a chaise.
Power reclining sectional sofas give you effortless relief at the touch of a button.. *The listed dimensions for curved sectional sofas or sectionals with rounded .
Read our sectional sofa guide to discover everything you need to know. Try taping out its exact shape and dimension onto your floor to ensure you'll have .
Buy 81 – 119 inches Sectional Sofas at! Browse our great prices & discounts on the best 81 – 119 inches sofas. Free Delivery & Warranty Available.
Sectional couches are great for maximizing living room seating, even in small. Measure the length and width of the room where your sectional will go to make .
Shop for a sectional sofa at IKEA. Choose from sectional couches and sofas is a range of sizes, styles, and fabrics.

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