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verb (used with object), shelved, shelv·ing. to place (something) on a shelf or shelves. to put off or aside from consideration: to shelve the question. to remove from active use or service; dismiss.
shelve. v.1. 1590s, "to overhang," also "to provide with shelves," probably a back-formation from shelves , plural of shelf (n.1). Meaning "put on a shelf" first recorded 1650s; metaphoric sense of "lay aside, dismiss" is from 1812.
Define shelve. shelve synonyms, shelve pronunciation, shelve translation, English dictionary definition of shelve. v. shelved , shelv·ing , shelves v. tr. 1. To place .
The main definitions of the noun are (1) a horizontal surface supported by a vertical structure and used to store things, (2) a layer of ice or bedrock, and (3) something that resembles a shelf. The verb, shelve, means (1) to put [something] on a shelf, (2) to set aside, or (3) to slope gradually.
Unfortunately (and fortunately), there are all kinds of shelves, materials, components, and accessories to choose from when looking into buying a shelving unit.
We will help you make building shelves easy with these how-tos and tips from expert woodworkers.
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