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Legal definition of simpliciter: in a simple degree or manner : simply.
simpliciter. adv. "not relatively; in the full sense of the word," a Latin adverb (from stem of simplex "simple;" see simplex) meaning, in classical Latin, "simply, plainly, directly, straightforwardly."
Definition of simpliciter – simply; unconditionally.. 'restraint is imposed in order to prevent competition simpliciter'. More example sentences. 'This is a different .
Simpliciter. The Latin word simpliciter means 'simply' or 'plainly'. In philosophical contexts, it basically means 'plainly, without qualification'.
Simpliciter definition: simply Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
(law"Å "”"Å originally chiefly in Scots Law"Å "”"Å and philosophy) Simply, absolutely; without any qualification or condition.Origin From the Latin simpliciter (“simply" .
Define simpliciter. simpliciter synonyms, simpliciter pronunciation, simpliciter translation, English dictionary definition of simpliciter. adv Scots law simply.
[Latin, from simplic- simplex simple] 1 : in a simple degree or manner : simply [was murder ] 2 : per se.

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