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Sofa Wikipedia

Sofa or SOFA may also refer to: a piece of furniture also called a couch · Sofa (warrior), slave-soldiers in the Mali Empire and its successor states; SOFA .
A couch, sofa or settee is a kind of furniture that is designed to seat more than one person. It usually has a place to rest your arm on each side. Couches are .
The Klippan sofa is a popular model of sofa manufactured and sold by IKEA. Klippan means "the Cliff" in Swedish It was first sold in 1979 and celebrated its 30th .
"Behind the sofa" is a British pop culture phrase describing the fearful reaction of hiding behind a sofa to avoid seeing frightening parts of a television .
Camayenne Sofa were one of the most influential popular music groups in Guinea, West Africa in the 1970s. They recorded on the national Syliphone label.
Davenport was the name of a series of sofas made by the Massachusetts furniture manufacturer A. H. Davenport and Company, now defunct. Due to the .
English Wikipedia has an article on: sofa. Borrowed from French sofa, ultimately from Arabic صُفَّة (á¹£uffa, “a long seat. (furniture): couch, lounge, divan, settee .

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