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Our story started with three words: Als Ik Kan – “to one of the best of my means.” This previous Flemish craftsman’s phrase has been the guiding principle of Stickley. Stickley additionally traveled to France, the place the Artwork Nouveau movement impressed him with its imaginative designs and skilled black decker the complete information to ground decor craftsmanship. Gustav Stickley was one of the principal figures within the American Arts and Crafts motion and creator of the Craftsman style. In 1901, Stickley launched The Craftsman magazine, which contained articles on all manner of domestic matters, from gardening and cooking to artwork and design, as well as poetry and fiction.

Stickley parted methods with Simonds at the turn of the twentieth century, and decided to focus his artistic energies on producing furnishings in what became often known as the Craftsman style, incorporating a number of the elements of the designs and actions he had encountered in Europe. The pieces greatest vacuums for hardwood flooring he created, which he stamped with the brand of a joiner’s compass, had been rectilinear, largely freed from ornament, made of oak, and inbuilt such a way that the character of their building was plainly seen — all reflections of the tenets of the Arts and Crafts movement.

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