The Resort Hotel’s Employees

None of Dirty Dancing’s dialogue mentions that any one is or is not Jewish or addresses any specific Jewish concern. A key irony of the Dirty Dancing story is that the principal character, a 17-year-old girl in a prosperous household that is going to such a resort hotel, prefers to devote her time and energy socializing with the personnel who live in cabins behind the hotel and who dance in a vulgar, dirty” manner in a dilapidated warehouse or in a remote forest, meadow and even a lake.

Having said that, the producers could not find an obtainable resort with a swimming pool (we do see guests swimming in a lake). When the producers had been choosing a resort as a location for the movie, they looked for a resort with a swimming pool, because the film was supposed to show that the swimming pool was racially integrated. In fact, they could possibly not be paid at all by the hotel for playing music as a band.

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